I spent my 20’s as a visual artist. It was my meditation, my medicine, my identity and my ambition. When I reached my 30’s I was so confused by a waning of interest in creating visual art and a switch in focus to stories in sound. I still draw and still scribble and still see the colours and shapes of the world as potential, but now I am more content to let it remain in my mind’s eye and stay as a sweet promise rather than striving to make it come about.

Exhibitions and Art Projects

2019 – Me, My Selfie and I at Lot 19

2016  – Wordmills and Baboons solo show at Lot 19

2015  – Wordmills and Baboons at the State Festival and the Phee Broadway Theatre

2013  – Winner of the Off the Cliff award for short film Hairy Women

2013  – Piano Pieces happened at the State Festival and at the Lot 19 Spring Scultpure Prize

2012   – Not a Canary 

2009  – Visited the Elephant Nature Park in Thailand for a month which resulted in ‘Show and Tell’

2008 – Now She Remembers solo show at fortyfive downstairs, Melbourne.

2006/07 – Artist Residency at St Vincent’s Hospital, Melbourne

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