Thanks for dropping by. My name is Alison, but my friends call me Allie.

I have spent most of my life making visual art. It has been my sanity at times and my refuge. I have had exhibitions and started a couple of businesses trying to get out of the day job. Folly. Day jobs are great. I have also always been a writer, but no one has ever really seen any of that.

Now I make radio and podcasts, something I never even considered all of those years I was in front of a canvass. I still have a studio and still make art, but the fire burns lower and is more for my personal warmth than a bonfire beacon to communicate with the world.

I created this website back when visual art was everything. I have all my radio projects listed here with links to websites and platforms you can listen from. The visual art gets more pages on this site, because there is no where else for it to go!