Alison has been a radio host on MAINfm 94.9 since early 2013 when she started the show Art Swank with Robyn Walton. Since then she has worked with the local indigenous community, on raising awareness about family violence and several projects focused on sustainability.

Alison held the position of Content Producer for MAINfm for two years from 2015 – 2017.  In that time she not only made content for MAINfm but also worked on community engagement, helped with fundraising, and facilitated presenters in making and sharing content.

Radio Projects

Art Swank a one hour arts show that ran 7-8pm on Monday nights with co-host Robyn Walton from Jan 2013 – Dec 2015.  The show still exists, now on Sundays at 10am with new presenters.

Breakfast Club four days a week, anchor from march 2014 – march 2015

Preventing Violence Against Women  – Special Series – 2014

Dja Dja Wurrung Radio – Special Series with Uncle Rick Nelson

XYnot was a 13 episodes show about gender in 2015 with co-hosts Helen and Tim

Sounds Like Hear – a collaboration between MAINfm and experimental performance arts centre Punctum Inc. 

Saltgrass – a collection of interviews about local action on the climate emergency.  A mix of stories from activists, farmers, schools, artists, businesses, community groups and concerned citizens.

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