Bunting with a ‘C’

The workshop Bunting with a ‘C’ began with a discussion on what the women in the room had called, been called or been told to call their private parts.  The book V Words was photocopied in its entirety and pinned to the wall, spanning half of the wall space in the gallery.  The women then encouraged to explore its pages.  It lists over 4,000 words used for female genitalia as collected by Sabine Wagner and Iona Johnson for the Hobart Women’s in Tasmania, Australia.  There are insults, medical terms and some that don’t make sense at all.  But there are also glowing and glorious examples of words, euphemisms, metaphors and phrases that celebrate and honour the  super wondrous extra special pink lady with all the flora and fauna that brings all the worthy gentlemen to their knees in worship of her most holy of holies. We then printed the chosen examples form the list onto underwear, and strung them up as bunting… with a ‘C’.


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