She / her

Grew up in a middle class suburb of Melbourne in the 80s and 90s.


Is that enough?

See below for all the things I do that are also listed elsewhere on this site all in chronological order… Just in case that is what you are looking for?!?!


Saltgrass Season 5


SBS series New Home – stories of migrant and refugee women living in regional Victoria

Season 4 of Saltgrass wraps. Funding for season 5 secured.


Finish Saltgrass season 3 and start season 4

Saltgrass listed as one of the top 5 podcasts to listen to on Climate in the New York Times

Saltgrass listed as a finalist in the Jackson Wild Media Awards


Produce season 2 and start season 3 of Saltgrass Podcast


Me, My Selfie and I at Lot 19


Produced An Environment for Change radio series, which was a beginnings of Saltgrass.

Position at MASG changes to Communications Officer and Office Manager 


Start as Development Officer at MASG (Mount Alexander Sustainability Group)


Wordmills and Baboons solo show at Lot 19

Art Swank special series The Bigger Picture goes to air as Allie and Robyn retire from the show after three years and hand over to new presenters.


Content Producer and Office Manager for MAINfm (MAINfm won Best Small Station in the CBAA Awards)

Dja Dja Wurrung Radio series – produced with Uncle Rick Nelson – aired on MAINfm.  This series was selected as a finaist in the Reconciliation Victoria HART Awards 2016.


Wordmills and Baboons at the State Festival and the Phee Broadway Theatre


Anchor of the Breakfast Club, MAINfm’s breakfast show.

Radio series on the Prevention of Violence Against Women


Winner of the Off the Cliff award for short film Hairy Women

Piano Pieces happened at the State Festival and at the Lot 19 Spring Scultpure Prize

Started a radio show called Art Swank with Robyn Walton on MAINfm


Not a Canary solo show


Visited the Elephant Nature Park in Thailand for a month which resulted in ‘Show and Tell’

Bought a house in Castlemaine and moved to the country. Felt myself unwind in ways I didn’t even know I was wound.


Now She Remembers solo show at fortyfive downstairs, Melbourne.


Artist Residency at St Vincent’s Hospital, Melbourne


Start post grad art diploma

2001 – 2002

Feeling lost and confused, anxious and depressed. Slowly realising that art makes me feel better. Volunteering at a gallery, working at an art supply shop, renting own studio – not having any faith that a tafe art class would ever accept me as a student.

1998 – 2000

Struggling through university, getting worse and worse at handing things in on time and I really wish I’d known I was neurodiverse at this time in my life. Quit uni, worked for a bit, got roped back into uni by family, finished bachelor of arts – scraping through by fingernails and suppressing an internal scream into an infinite void of meaninglessness.


On exchange in Texas, USA

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