2012, Not a Canary

Excerpt from exhibition catalogue:

A series of works about frogs. Or not. Not a pipe.


Not a canary. They are not here to tell us we are going to die soon of gas in the mine shaft, or pollution in our waterways. The image is not the thing and the thing is not the thing we think it is. It is not the meaning we imbue it with, it is just the thing. A frog. A frog is a frog and it has its own reason for being. So do canaries. And here we have a series of images of frogs and the image, or symbolic representation if you will, of the thing is not the thing, neither is it the meaning we imbue the thing with. It is just paint on canvass. It is not my fault you all see frogs.* Or canaries. Ink blot tests are wack anyway.


*that is a lie

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