Selected images, some adapted from their original state, are available on Red Bubble and Teemill.

Redbubble makes it easy to buy all sorts of products with my designs on them.  Stickers, books, mugs, cards, clothing, blankets… almost anything! They have a fair trade policy on their clothing, (read about it here) but if you really want ethical clothing try Teemill.

I have several designs on Teemill and they have gone to huge efforts to ensure their apparel is organically grown and fair trade (well… at factory level. Farmers are given ‘fair wage as guaranteed by local government’ which could mean anything?!?! I will write to Teemill and ask for clarification)
 You can read about their ethics on the website here

Cards and stationary
I used to sell cards at artists markets. I am really happy to be able to rerelease some old favourites as well as introduce new designs. All designs you can see on this page are by me… The rest of Red Bubble has a huge and varied collection of art, illustration and design.


Clothing at Redbubble:

Clothing from Teemill

Coming very soon…